Shazeena & Jacob's Wedding at Ravel Hotel | Queens, NY

Shazeena first messaged Jake on They exchanged a few messages before deciding to meet for dinner enjoying sushi at a local spot in Manhattan. After filling up on fresh fish and popping some gum they headed to a Billiards hall. This is where Shazeena beat Jake at a game of 9-ball and that was it! He gloated to all his Maritime friends t...
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Kat & Kyle's Wedding At Hanover Manor | East Hanover, NJ

About 4 years ago, Katherine returned to the tri-state area in Florida, her home at the time to visit friends and family. Little did Katherine know, Florida would only be her temporary residence and New Jersey was where she truly belonged. Simultaneously, Kyle was living with a fellow bachelor and dear friend whom also happened to be close with Ka...
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Christine & Nick's wedding at New York Botanical Garden | Bronx, NY

Our career interest in medicine led both of us to Stony Brook in Long Island. We met in the hospital and lived on the same street in Port Jefferson. We were inseparable and the love blossomed over that year through travel, eating lobster rolls and playing board games. We were apart for a year when Nick started his residency in Pittsburgh and Chris...
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The Anderson Family | San Francisco, CA

This past year has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding times of my life. Caitlin and I celebrated another anniversary as we watch Ava grow up quicker than ever. My go to photographer, Jimmy Chu have been there for our engagement in New York City, the pregnancy reveal in Washington D.C., and most recently, San Francisco. I am grateful that...
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Kate & Cullen's Wedding at Diamond Horseshoe | New York, NY

Our mutual friend introduced us when we were in college. About 7 years ago, we went on our first date at a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Palace, a familiar spot to anyone that has frequent New Haven, CT. We pretty much saw each other daily after that date and soon enough made our relationship official at the great art deco 1930's Gatsby style Di...
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