The Wedding of Priscilla + Ben | Long Isalnd Wedding

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The Meeting

Priscilla and Ben are the results of an office romance that blossomed into something beautiful. They first met when Priscilla went on her interview at the office where Ben was already working. The two met in the hallway and had a small exchange of words; small talk by all means, but neither one could imagine how far they would come from that brief first encounter.

The Spark

The first spark that started this eternal flame steamed from their first train ride home together.  Priscilla and Ben both lived in Queens and by chance, both needed to take the 7 train home.  It is during one of these train rides that the couple would find each other as good company for the commute home.  Needless to say, Priscilla and Ben took many more train rides home together.   So the two dated and worked side by side. They have spent more time with each other than they had with anyone else before, they have become inseparable.

The Engagement

One day, after spending many unbroken hours with Priscilla, Ben decided that the woman standing next to him (Priscilla) will be his wife someday.  He decided that he will get a ring, and come up with a plan to ask Priscilla to be his wife.   After many months of savings and searching for the perfect ring, it is finally time for him to pop the question.  After many missed opportunities, Ben failed to conjure up the courage to ask the question.  All of his plans seem to fall apart at the last minute because he was too afraid.  He finally decided to go for the gusto during a routine shopping trip to Babies R Us.  There in the bright lights of the parking lot, he finally gave her the ring and asked if Priscilla would be his bridge, and in joyful tears, she said Yes.

The Wedding

The day has finally come when these two love birds would say their vows.  There were many preparations done to ensure that this would be the perfect day.  Both of their friends and families all pitched in to make the day a memorable one.  There in front of all their friends, families and coworkers, the two exchanged their vows and to the sound of “Burn with Desire” AVB, they exchanged their rings and sealed it all with a kiss.


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