Shikha & Ameet | Dumbo Brooklyn Engagement Photography

September 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The NYC story of Shikha and Ameet

The two of us have the DNA of our relationship woven into this city. In 2012, we got back in touch after I was visiting my sister who lived in the city at the time. I was actually born in New York and lived here until I was two, but for no part of our relationship did I live here. Our relationship was characterized by countless trips shuttling between Houston and NYC. I was in my residency training working upwards of 80 hours a week, and at that time Ameet was working for a demanding strategy team at a financial services firm in Downtown. Whenever one of us found some time, we got on a plane to see each other prioritizing our relationship above all else. However, as tough as it might have been to balance schedules, it was equally exhilarating. Getting to have so many weekend getaway trips to see my love was such an unforgettable time in my life. There is just so much this city has to offer and so many exciting things to do from which we were able to learn more about each other. I love the performing arts and food! I took him to plays and got to discover so many of New York's fabulous restaurants with him! He loves being outdoors and the nightlife. We used to run NYC together on many a morning, and we were always out exploring the hot spots at night through which I got a chance to meet his many friends. When I finished my residency, I took a job that made my schedule much more flexible to travel, and he switched teams to one that had a much better work-life balance. Eventually, we were seeing each other every two weeks. Then finally this spring, Ameet moved to Houston. However, I will always think of New York as the place where we got to know one another better. This is precisely why we decided to have our engagement photo shoot in the city. There really was nowhere else that would have been as brilliant for us. It is a special city and, equally so, has a special place in our hearts as well.



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