Nam + Joe | Upstate NY Wedding Photography

June 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
Nam and Joe are worlds apart and complete opposites but when it comes to the universal language of Love there really are no differences.   His initial feeling was that he had absolutely nothing in common when I asked but he took his chances and opened up to a world he never knew he wanted.  The instantaneous bond they have is something written out of a romance novel.  A Fireman by day and a heavy metal enthusiast by night; his idea of a typical Friday night would be relaxing on the couch with a nice cold beer in hand.  Who would've known he would fall head over heels for a therapist who was energetic, enjoys house music and loves to be the life of the party!
Within a week of getting to know each other; they realized that they share the same passion for traveling, snowboarding, and the love for animals. In the spur of the moment they flew to California together after two weeks of knowing each other; 8 months later they played house  ... shortly after Joe purposed! On 5.25.13, they took the plunge and shared the wonderful & joyous memories with family & friends. Their courtship was powerful yet swift and felt just right for the both of them. Now onto the next adventure...






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