Judy & Anthony's Rustic Wedding at Greenpoint Loft | Brooklyn, NY

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I remembered it was the summer of 2004 when Anthony and I had first met. My friend gave me a ride to a barbecue gathering at another friend’s house.  I immediately noticed a motorcycle Honda CBR 600RR in front of the house. I was curious enough to inquire who it belonged to and he said Anthony. I barked out “Who the hell is Anthony?”.  As we walked towards the backyard, he pointed out “That’s Anthony”. I boldly stepped up to him and said, “Hey, is that your motorcycle?”.  He answered, “Uhh yea”.  I asked “Do you want to take me for a ride?”.  His response was “Sure?” with a slight hint of hesitation.  He gave me his only helmet and took me around a block or two.  He then parked the motorcycle back to our friend’s driveway and I said “That’s it?”.  His response was “I literally just got this motorcycle”.  I was a bit confused but left and thanked him for the short ride.

A week later, that same friend asked if I wanted to hang out with him and Anthony. I forgot who Anthony was and he had to remind me. I said, “Sure”. We went to Bartini in Forest Hills. I remembered we were watching a baseball game and Anthony asked if I watched sports and I said
“Yes, I’m a Yankees fan”.  He said, “Oh, I'm a Mets fan”. Off the bat I wasn’t interested. We then had a conversation about the Subway Series and who is actually the best team in NY. I have a feeling I probably won that argument. The night went on and I had a lot to drink. I eventually threw up in my friend’s car where Anthony took good care of me. He even held back my hair to prevent the vomit from going all over my hair.

For a couple of years, he was trying to pursue me. He persistently asked if I wanted to have dinner. I kept denying him since I was too preoccupied with both work and school. We spent time camping and snowboarding as friends. I always knew he liked me but I thought I was not interested especially at that time. One night, we played truth or dare during camping with a group of mutual friends.  Anthony chose truth. A friend asked Anthony, “How do you feel about Judy?”.  Without a blink of an eye, his answer was “I love her”.  I think I almost puked when I heard that. When it was my turn, I naturally chose dare. Someone dared me to kiss Anthony. I covered my eyes with my two hands and Anthony kissed me on my lips. I felt 
sooo embarrassed.  Guess that was considered our first kiss??!

After two years of being just friends, we were at a bar where a couple of mean girls were pointing out and laughing at me for some high school drama.  Anthony heard those comments and confronted them about how pathetic they were and needed to grow up. He followed all of them as they were leaving the bar and told them if they had a problem with Judy 
then to say it to his face. He was like my knight in shining armor that night.  

I eventually gave in and had dinner with Anthony.  We had dinner at Maggie’s in Glen Oaks.  During dinner, I couldn’t look at him without being bashful. He kept on asking if I was ok & I looked the other way. I realized that I was falling for him. On July 20, 2006, Anthony was leaving for Miami with his friends for a leisurely trip. Before he left, I told him whatever happens in Miami I will be ok. He assured me that he will come home back to me and to just wait for him. He never asked me to be his girlfriend but I knew on that day it was the beginning of our togetherness. There are many love stories that are built 
from the foundation of love but Anthony and I are built with friendship first. The rest was history!

- Judy

Main Photographer: Jimmy Chu

Second Shooter: Art Sang

Wedding Planner/Floral - Amanda Pierce Productions

Videographer: AJ Ingoglia Films

Wedding Dress - Blue by Enzoani
Shoes and Clutch - Charlotte Olympia
Bridal Party Dress - J.Crew
Bridal Party Shoes - Seychelles
Groomsmen Suit - Black Tux
Groom's Suit - Black Lapel
Groom's Shoes - Paul Evans
DJ - DJ Getlive
Caterer - Creative Foods Catering
Liquor Vendor - Hamills Liquor
Bridal Party Hair Stylist - Tracy Ahern
Bridal Party Make up Stylist - Kristyn Nicole Capito/Marco Saucedo
Groom's Haircut - Kazzstylez



Peter Paragas(non-registered)
What a great time. These are the memories that we will always look back at
Judy Catherine Valite(non-registered)

Your vision of photography is amazing and effortless. You captured the most beautiful and candid moments of our special day. We can't thank you enough of your service. We will forever cherish these moments ... forever.
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