Cassandra & Corey's Wedding at Full Moon Resort | Big Indian, NY

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Corey and I first met back in 2008.  It was sophomore year at Marist and he had just transferred in.  Luckily enough I had become friends with many people that he knew from back home and that is how we were first introduced.  We were strictly friends for about a year and a half - hanging out in the same social circle, attending the same parties.  It was during our junior year that we made the leap from being friends into having a relationship (up for debate on who made the first move). 

Fast forward 8 years later…  we had graduated college and moved back home for a short time until we settled into our first home together in Astoria, where we still live today. 

It was a cloudy Saturday in May 2017, when my best friend asked us to come out to Brooklyn and spend the day with her and her husband. No set plan but we decided to meet in Brooklyn Bridge Park right across the street from her apartment and grab some lunch nearby.  I was being difficult that day because I wasn’t feeling too well and couldn’t decide if I would be able to go.  Corey was nonchalantly pushing me to go and see how I felt once we got there.  We took a cab over not saying a single word the whole time because I was resting my head trying to feel better (which come to find out was killing Corey inside with worry).  A few minutes before arriving, I got a text from my friend Victoria telling me that they were almost ready if we wanted to meet over by the Pier in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  We arrive and walk out towards the pier when Corey starts to act a little strange, pacing a bit (I literally ask him why he was being so weird).  Finally, he looks at me and says “Victoria and Johnny are going to be a little late to meet us” as he gets down on one knee.   He pulls out the ring and said some things that I’m sure were wonderful as he asked me to marry him, but unfortunately, I was in full blackout mode from complete surprise and excitement (causing me to also put the ring on the wrong hand).  Our friends, along with his twin brother and his girlfriend were in fact right nearby capturing it all on camera.  We headed to Manhattan where Corey had a party planned with our families and friends, and we celebrated all day and night!

We were married at Full Moon Resort in the Catskill Mountains.  We decided to do a weekend getaway wedding.  We figured having the full weekend with our family and friends would allow us to do the one thing that was most important to us… truly get the time to enjoy our wedding (we were constantly hearing that it flies by way too fast).   All of our family and friends spent the full weekend together on the property doing all sorts of activities.   There was just one hiccup that came two days before the wedding when Corey felt extremely sick (which never happens) and ended up with a 103 degree fever.  We were rushing around trying to do all of our last minute errands, but luckily he got plenty of rest and pulled through.  By Saturday he felt great and our wedding was more wonderful than we could have ever expected.  From the ceremony, to the reception to the after party - we had the most amazing time celebrating with our families and friends, and most importantly each other.  - Cassandra


Venue: Full Moon Resort 

Flowers: Elderberry Design and Flowers

Photography: Jimmy Chu Photography


Band: Body and Soul

Bridal Salon: Everthine Bridal Boutique

Wedding Dress Designer: Emmy Mae Bridal

Veil Design: 

Bridesmaid Dresses: Wtoo by Watters 

Wedding Cake: Made in Heaven Cakes 

Cocktail Party Rentals: Rhinebeck Party Rentals 

Branded coozies, blankets, t-shirts, welcome bags, lawn games: Team3 Screenpinting ..... Cassandra's parents!









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