The Engagement of Laura + Bruno | Gantry State Park Engagement Photography

September 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
Every relationship is a journey but THEIRS have been UNLIKE any other told before. When sharing their story, two words came to mind instantaneously for them; timing and tolerance. Without timing there would be no opportunity for their chance meeting encounter.  Without tolerance (that were built over time through compromise and partnership); there would be no mutual understanding & respect.

    Bruno & Laura met in good ole’ Bronx of New York almost 3 years ago. Overworked and stressed with her job led her on a mission to search for a gym ( to release all the built-up negative energy of course!).  This was definitely no ordinary gym, it was a boxing gym where she met her trainer turned friend now soon to be husband!  Boy was she glad that she chose this gym over any other competitors!  Who knew Mr. Right was there at her service (literally(!)). 

    What makes their story unique is the tolerance & trust they both have to push their relationship forward. Bruno actually lives in France; We all know how straining long distance can be and the perseverance required to endure the many challenges associated with it. Bruno came to New York on a holiday trip to further pursue his career and to explore the love of boxing. His main goal and focus were to train hard but during this time they met and fell for each other. When the time came for Bruno to return back home, they both agreed that they would finish the remaining of the year, (as Laura is a preschool teacher) and the following year she would take some time off to travel to France and continue their global romance. Traveling abroad to & from France was amazing but it definitely ran their bank accounts dry. At that point, they realized the strength of their love and knew they wanted to get married.  

          Bruno and Laura will be sealing the deal on September 20, 2014! They are so excited to start a new chapter in their lives!



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