The Engagement of Linh + Roberto | New York City & New Jersey Engagement Photography

April 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Have you ever felt that you’ve met your soul mate early on in life but only indirectly?  Paths may have been paralleled throughout but never crossed? 

Well Linh and Roberto is the perfect example of that couple.  They grew up in California a block away from one another and attended the same church and have many mutual friends.  They went to the same college and even picked the same major.  Both worked at the magical world of Disneyland but it was not until one fateful day that they finally met at a little league baseball game out of all places.  Strangely enough there were many opportunities for their paths to cross but timing sure is everything.  They are worlds apart but have found many things in common.  They both learned that they are super nerds and shared the same interest and passion for Star Wars, Science & Angel’s baseball.  As one, their dorkiness have intensely amplified and are able to just be themselves.     

As Roberto’s career led him to various cities across the state, from Anaheim to Las Vegas and now to NYC; Linh and Roberto have found refuge in their home away from home.  As they explore their Love for one another from the long distance relationship they have maintained and endured for many countless years, their strength was mainly due to their faith in God.  They have decided to take the final leap of faith and have committed to join together as one.  Their lives have come full circle and Roberto is finally moving back home in Anaheim and they both can truly begin to live in their home.

For their first engagement shoot at Dumbo Brooklyn there was a bit of drizzle but that didn’t damper the mood at all. Rain or shine, Linh and Roberto are able to show their Love for one another in the pictures I’ve captured.  We finally caught a break with warm spring weather on the second session in the heart of New York City, Central Park.  We then chased the sun over to Sinatra Park in Hoboken, New Jersey and enjoyed the last session with some iconic view of the Empire State Building and World Trade Center.

I am so excited to photograph Linh + Roberto's wedding this July! Congratulations to the new couple!


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