Demetra + Roberto | Fort Tryon Park & The High Line Engagement Photography

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The Story of Demetra & Roberto

I was on my much needed coffee break at Starbucks and went across the street to the bank.
I went directly to the teller and had the usual small talk except this time I noticed a young dapper fellow in the office. I asked her who might that be and she said that is Rob, it's his birthday, and he's single. And I thought it's his lucky day. I went to his office doorway before I left the bank and said Hi Rob Happy Birthday!  Rob replied Hello, can I help you with anything? I said no not today thanks, and he said Hope to see you come again. Soon after a few more visits to the bank, Rob asked me out and we had our first date at Starbucks. We spent a lot of time together through the summer of 2013 and had taken a day trip to Montauk. It was that day that I realized we had great chemistry. We both have strong cultural backgrounds.  With me being Greek and him being Italian we share similar traditions that helped bring us closer together.  Every day since then we have been inseparable. We live life to the fullest and it has been a magical experience. We both treasure one another and two years later we are ready to tie the knot.

Locations: Fort Tryon Park & The High Line



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