Brid + Brian | The Secret New York City Destination Wedding

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The Story of Brid & Brian

Should we? Will we? Can we? Yes, let's do it! 

This is the exact conversation we had six weeks ago as we sat at home on our couch in the county Cork, Ireland.  We had our holidays to Las Vegas and New York planned with about six months and had joked around with the idea of getting married in Vegas.  It wasn't an idea either of us had taken too serious until we looked at maybe getting married in New York instead.  A quick internet search of weddings in New York and we instantly fell in love with what we saw.  A half serious one in a matter of minutes.  Let's do this.

A few phone calls were made and before we knew it we had come into contact with Josephine Ruggiero.  She was amazing!  We soon realized that any fears we had about the ability to organize our wedding in such a short space of time were unfounded.  Josephine organized everything like the star she is.  Everything felt right.  This was really happening.  Ohhh the excitement!  Let's keep this a secret we decided.  Something just for us.

Fast forward six weeks and the big day had arrived and just like we fell in love with each other, we also fell in love with New York City.  The day of our wedding was spent with the wonderful Josephine and our amazing photographer Jimmy Chu.  Photography is Jimmy's passion and he is so good at it that it led to us remarking "when you have it, you have it!" and thrust us Jimmy certainly has it.  If he has to lie down in the middle of a busy street to catch that perfect shot, that's exactly what he does.  We were so lucky to have Jimmy capture our special day.

We felt like movie stars.  With Josephine in constant control of every little detail and Jimmy's lens set firmly on us, from the hotel, to our ceremony in central park, to a celebratory kiss in times square, we could not have asked for more.

We now have the fun of telling all our family and friends of our wonderful surprise when we get back home to Ireland.  We have been together six years, had this holiday planned with six months and decided to get married only six weeks ago.

They may call 666 the devils number, but for us this was heaven.


Wedding Planner: Josephine Ruggiero

Hotel: The Kitano New York



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