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The Story of Belle & Kevin

Belle:  For the record, I approached him first!  Kevey likes to remix the story.  One fine afternoon in Brooklyn, I saw a tall, dark, and handsome gentleman in a well tailored suit walking towards his car.  There was something about him.  I know this sounds cheesy, but my heart raced when I saw him.  My heart NEVER races!  I'm cool, calm, collected I thought.  That day I took a chance.  I had never approached a man before.  I decided to ask for his parking spot AND his number.  I tried to be cute and ask for his card.  He said, " I don't have one."

Naturally, he asked for MY card.  But I didn't think about all that.  I replied, "Uhhhh. I don't have one. "So Kevey suggested we just exchange numbers like regular people.  I said,  "Yeah.  That's cool."  I was so embarrassed!

Kevey:  I was leaving an event for work and headed to my car.  Belle was waiting for a parking spot.  When I saw her I thought, "Wow! This beautiful girl looks like she needs a parking spot....and my number.  She leaned out her window and asked if I was parked close.  I told her yes and pointed towards the end of the street.  Belle reversed full speed all the way down DeKalb Ave, a one way street mind you, in her sports car.  So of course I had to get her number.  As she walked to class with her friend, Geo, I decided to lay that Brooklyn mac down on her.  I texted her:  You have beautiful eyes.

You know what this girl texted back?

" I know"

I knew right then and there I was in trouble.

Location: High Line Park 



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