Paula & James | New York City Elopement

June 21, 2016  •  1 Comment

Paula met James almost 8 years ago, despite knowing the same group of friends; it was strange they hadn't met sooner.  James immediately took a liking to Paula but she was hesitant at first because she has a little girl (At the time one, named Murren).  They hung out for months and took things very slow.  James made her feel safe and being a single mother made her very cautious. It made it easier that Murren adores him and he is so wonderful with her. He never tried to replace her birth dad but was a friend to her. With time, James eventually thinks of her as his own.  After a few years of dating, they welcomed their son Hayden.  Soon after they got engaged, the pressures of life and work led them to separate for 18 months in 2013; it was the hardest time for both of them. They were both completely & utterly lost without each other.

They eventually rekindled and decided to visit New York in 2015 to spend some quality time together without the kids, they absolutely fell in love with the city & fell for each other all over again. They vowed to look forward and promised to visit again.  James proposed again a year later, it was a complete surprise for her! He did it at the top of a hill in front of the kids, close to where they live.  Murren burst into tears as she was so happy.  James picked out the most amazing ring.  They both immediately knew they wanted New York as their destination wedding.  They kept everything a secret & surprised their family & friends. Murren & Hayden


Congrats to these lovebirds! A long journey to their happy ending! It just pays to show that Love truly is patient & everything will work out at the end.

New York City Wedding Planner:  Josephine Ruggiero at I Do Weddings NYC

Make up by Nicole Sanchez ([email protected])



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