Kat & Kyle's Wedding At Hanover Manor | East Hanover, NJ

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About 4 years ago, Katherine returned to the tri-state area in Florida, her home at the time to visit friends and family. Little did Katherine know, Florida would only be her temporary residence and New Jersey was where she truly belonged.

Simultaneously, Kyle was living with a fellow bachelor and dear friend whom also happened to be close with Katherine since high school; and so the seed was sown. Immediately Kyle and Katherine had a remarkable ability to communicate and connect on many levels. One might call it God's plan, some might call it destiny, others would call it attracting energies or like vibes, but whatever it was gave Katherine the strong intuition to know she should not be getting on a southbound plane any time soon. After visiting loved ones and meeting Kyle for the first time something inside her wouldn't let her leave.

Initially things were platonic- the two of them completely oblivious to the love that was being consummated. Not a second too soon Kyle and Katherine's relationship began to morph into a head over heels, can't get enough of each other kind of love. Quickly, the duo was truly inseparable.

As time goes by when young and in love, the months flew into years as Katherine and Kyle got closer, learning the complexity and the ins and outs of one another. Soon it was June of 2014 and the pair knew it was the right time to escalate their relationship and that they needed a place of their own. After finding a cozy place for themselves, their love began to grow exponentially, with more fervor and passion than ever before. At the rate that their affections flourished after sharing a home, It took no time for both Katherine and Kyle to know that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives forever with each other.

On September 13, 2015, a seemingly ordinary day for Kyle and Katherine, they went for a walk through the park which was already beginning to appear as a painting from the turning colors of the autumn leaves. In the park was a winding path that made its way through a bamboo forest which was fed by a sparkling, babbling brook. As if the beauty of the enchanted forest was not enough to take her breath away, Kyle arranged for a violinist that awaited their arrival. Stunned, Katherine's mind raced as she had no idea that what was transpiring would change her life forever.

Having planned to capture the precious moment, Kyle had already figured how to tape the whole scene. As the violinist played one of her favorite love songs, Kyle got down on one knee, and asked Katherine to marry him.

And the rest, well that's history in the making.....

-Kat & Kyle


Makeup Artist: Perfect Bridals By Christina 

Hair by: Elaina Manfre

Florist: Vito At The Potted Geranium

Dress: Allure Romance

Shoes: Nina 

Reverend: Ketema Mason

Violinist: Larry Marino  - Ice Niensemble

DJ: Taylor Event Group

Second Shooter: Art Sang Photography

Videographer: Rob Ferrone 


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