Kasey & Danny's Wedding At Watermill Caterers | Smithtown, NY

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Our love story began September 2012, the first day of our college A&P class. I was one of the first students to arrive, since being late is one of my biggest pet peeves. I was sitting waiting for class to begin, when Danny walked in. He seemed lost and flustered. He turned right towards me and asked if this was A&P 101. I told him it was and he explained that he had just sat thru more than half of what he found out to be the wrong class, and wanted to make sure he wasn’t making the same mistake twice. He took an empty seat a couple rows behind me. The following scheduled lab class he arrived earlier and strategically made sure he sat right next to me to secure his spot as my lab partner.  And that is where our journey began. He was handsome, out going, and had a good sense of humor. But the thing that really drew me to him was how caring and attentive her was towards me. I had just got out of a long-term relationship that ended pretty badly and was not ready to jump into another relationship, but Danny was persistent. He chased me down for over a year. He constantly would ask me on dates and over and over again I would turn him down, but that did not deter him. He would do anything to show me how much he was interested in me. He literally would run out of class to the school cafeteria if I said I wanted a cup of coffee. To this day I have never been treated as good as Danny treats me. He fought for me for over a year until I finally realized what I had in front of me all along. A year might seem like a long time to chase a girl, but over that period of time we built such a strong bond as best friends that became our foundation for our now partnership.



Danny purposed on July 21, 2018 in Newport Rhode Island. The night before the proposal, last minute we decided to go watch the sunset. We were both in sweat pants; I had no make up on, and hair in a messy bun. One of our friends went to take a picture of us out on a pier, and I remember thinking he better not purpose to me right now in sweats… and he didn’t. Thank God! The next night we were running so late for dinner reservation that a proposal didn’t even cross my mind.  I was so focused on getting everyone out the door and getting a picture with the sunset with a dress and make up on this time. We were posing for a picture when the wind blew my hair in my face. By the time I was able to fix it, I realized Danny was on one knee. I was in such shock that I couldn’t get a word out. After what seem liked forever, Danny finally said “Are you going to answer my question?” and I yelled back “Yes, of course I will marry you!”.


We got married November 10, 2018 at the Watermill in Smithtown, NY. Our wedding was absolutely perfect. We were blessed to be able to share our special day with all the people who mean the very most to us. It was the best day of our lives because it was the first day of our beginning. - Kasey




Venue: Watermill Caterers

Makeup: Glam by Alicia

Photography: Jimmy Chu Photography

Video: RasGraphix

DJ: Fired Up DJ Entertainment



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