The Engagement of Amina + Jason | Central Park New York City Engagement Photography

December 16, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
Jason and Amina have been dating for about a year and a half now, and it's been wonderful! They share a spiritual connection unbeknownst to them; they held the same idealizations of love. They imagined their perfect companions without faces, bodies, or names- only as spirits who would provide them with feelings of comfort, security, and unceasing devotion.

In pursuit of a pharmacy career and a little more excitement in life, Amina moved to New York City. Little did she know, the change she was seeking would also be pursuing her. As fate would have it, Jason and Amina asked their mutual friend to find someone for themselves. They were quickly introduced and surprisingly, they hit it off infamously. Jason and Amina soon realized their immediate connection was not due to the fact they were both pharmacists- rather through their shared notions of true love. Their perfect companions were no longer ethereal beings- they were finally tangible. Within a few weeks, they were inseparable. Jason is a kind, loving, and supportive partner who always keeps a smile on Amina's face. Their easy going attitudes and shared zests for life took them from the apple picking orchards of Westchester to the serene lake side views of Hudson Valley to the awe inspiring wonders of Niagra Falls and to the breath taking views of California's Route 1. Jason proposed to Amina at the location they first met- in front of the New York City Public Library. Currently, they are preparing to embark on their next adventure- a lifelong commitment in matrimony.


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