Caitlin & Andrew | Washington D.C Anniversary Photography

October 28, 2015  •  1 Comment

The Story of Caitlin & Andrew | Washington D.C Anniversary Photography

Early in the year of 2010, Drew and Caitlin met as coworkers near their hometown. Over the next four years, they got to know each other more, travelled the country, and laid the foundation for a great marriage. In April of 2014, they celebrated their engagement with a photo shoot by Jimmy Chu! One year and a set of wedding bands later, the Anderson family is celebrating a wedding anniversary and a new addition to their family, expected in April of 2016! What better way to document this life experience then to celebrate with Jimmy Chu!

With this new addition to the couple, comes a great surprise for the rest of the family. In order to achieve this, Drew and Caitlin went to the drawing board to plan a great way to announce the new arrival. In September, Drew and Caitlin had planned a trip to attend Washington D.C. and document the trip with Jimmy Chu Photography. From past experiences, family and friends have always looked forward to looking over the photo collections. Among the collection, would there not only be excellent moments captured of the couple, but also pictures showing hints and clues to the new addition. As family members flip the pages of the photo album, they will question more and more about the subtle hints until it becomes crystal clear! Thank you Jimmy for sharing yet another memory and milestone with us!












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Wonderful pictures specially the last ones!
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