Christina & Dave's wedding at Westbury Manor | Long Island, NY

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 In a last ditch attempt to put my neglected online dating account to use before it expired I stumbled upon a photo of a guy with a genuine smile. I thought the looked like a decent guy and I should give him a chance. I reached out to Dave and we started talking online just before Christmas of 2015. He flew to Indiana for the holiday and texted me everyday. We decided to meet up for a drink on January 7, 2016 after work. I took the Metro North from Pelham and Dave took the 7 from LIC. We decided to meet in the main terminal at Grand Central Station. A safe and public space. High anxiety for both of us. I actually showed up earlier than Dave which was the first and quite possibly the last time that happened. We greeted each other by the clock and walked to the Ginger Man for our first date drink. We made our way into the bar ordered a drink and kept a conversation for 4 hours over more drinks and a pretzel. Dave walked me back to Grand Central where we had our first night cap at the Campbell Apartment before he walked me to my train. Phew, he wasn’t a serial murderer! By the time I got to my apartment he called to make sure I got home ok. What a gentleman! He timed my departure and arrival. This is something that I learned Dave does. Everything gets timed and mapped. A few months later we decided that we had to go to the Campbell Apartment for its closing since it was our night cap spot every now and then. About two years after meeting at Grand Central Dave planned our Christmas date just before he left for another Christmas in Indiana. He took me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Christmas tree that I love. Then he lead me through a very busy 5th Avenue to look at all the decorations in the department stores windows on our way to Grand Central to take the train home. It was all perfect! We walked to Grand Central and planned to have a drink at The Campbell Apartment since it reopened. Dave lead me to the main terminal to look at the decorations. When we approached the clock he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. Speechless and elated, I accepted. We got engaged on December 17, 2017! After he proposed we grabbed a drink at the Campbell Apartment to celebrate. We called our family and friends to share our news. The last 3 years have been amazing. Since our first date we haven’t run out of conversation. I met my gentleman and best friend. The picture I first saw of Dave showed the fun loving and caring person I love to hear and see giggle. On October 28, 2018 we became Mr. and Mrs. Shelt in front of our dearest family and friends. We had so much fun at our wedding and truly loved every moment of it.  - Christina

Venue: Westbury Manor

Church: Zoodohos Peghe

Photography: Jimmy Chu Photography

Cinematography: Reel Life Cinematography


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